Thursday, September 22, 2011

Target Market

Amrecian Eagle Outfitters has a wide range of target market. Their target market ranges from children all the way to adults based upon the fact that customers like to stay trendy in their own ways. Originally, their target market focused on 15-25 year old people. Now as you can obsereve all around you, people are wearing AE and they like it too. I can walk down the block or go to the nearest store and I can literally see adults wearing the AE shirts they purchased on the mere fact that their kids wear the same brand. But also clothing expresses what words fail to convey and clothing does represent you in the way you feel to be represented. American Eagle's target market has a wide yet constricted demography because some countries forbid clothing unless it is traditional. Other than that, AE along with many other American brands are worn all over the world. Being that AE has a broad target market, customers attack at the very sight of being inches away at the store. For example, on the weekends the AE stores are flooded not just only tweens and teenagers, but also adults too who wants to see whats on sale and if any promotions are going on. Its equivalent to unleashing savages at the sigh of their prey. AE has affected the media too as some celebrities are seen wearing AE some happen to be teen celebrities and some are adult. But the fact of the matter is that AE is apart of the fashion industry and people who like to be well dressed and like to support AE will always help the AE company and will always be appreciated by AE.

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  1. You should spell check a few things.. like American.